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Some of our important projects

In the course of the last ten years we have made several important and widespread projects.

Rózsakert substation ELMŰ area, 1997

In the last decade the Rózsakert substation project of 120/10kV has turned out to be one of the most important investments in ELMŰ substation program fully planned by Infoplan Ltd.

The view of the substation in a 3D picture.

All the complete descriptions and drawings of primary and secondary electrical switchgear and controlgear, architectural constructions, fire-insurance, property-insurance, auxiliary and communications systems in this project plan were made by Infoplan Ltd. The official licencing procedure was made with our participation also.

Substation Szultán utca DÉMÁSZ area, 2000

Szultán utca substation of 120/20/10 kV was one of the largest transformer station in territory of Kecskemét.

As a general designer, Infoplan Ltd. made the complete constructural and electrical switchgear and controlgear plan-documentation.

Some photos...

DÉMÁSZ Rt. Szultán utca 120/20/10kV-os állomása

Greenfield investments 1992-2002

  • ÉMÁSZ Nyékládháza 120/20 kV, Hatvan 120/20 kV substations,
  • Syria HAMA 66/20/6.3/0.4 kV electrical systems,
  • E.On (earlier TITÁSZ, ÉDÁSZ, DÉDÁSZ) Debrecen Ipari 120/20 kV, Nyíregyháza Ipari 120/20 kV, Nádudvar 120/20 kV, Komárom 120/20 kV, Oroszlány 120/35/20 kV substations,
  • Mátrai Erőmű Visonta mine 120/35/6 kV substation.

Typical plans, 2002-2003

Our very important projects are the typical plans, which were made for E-On Hungária (earlier DÉDÁSZ, ÉDÁSZ, TITÁSZ) and for DÉMÁSZ. We made also typical plans of some special parts for ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ.

Greenfield typical substations, E.On, since 2004

The new substations in E.On area were made fully based on the typical plan.

transzformátor állomások

Substations, planned by Infoplan was the followings:

  • E.On Tiszántúli area Nyíregyháza-Kelet 132/11 kV, Baktalórántháza 132/22 kV, Nyíradony 132/22kV, Nyírbogdány 132/22 kV substations,
  • E.On Dél-dunántúli area Pécs-Kelet 120/10 kV, Barcs 120/20 kV, Dunaújváros Észak 120/(20) kV, Királyegyháza 120/20/10 kV, Dunaújváros Dél 120/(20) kV substations,
  • E.On Észak-dunántúli area Esztergom 120/20/10 kV, Tét 120/20 kV substations.

Greenfield substations, DÉMÁSZ, since 2004

New substations of DÉMÁSZ planned by Infoplan:

  • substations made in the base of typical plans Baja-Dunapart 120/10 kV, Mórahalom 120/20 kV,
  • substation with SF6 switchgear, very rare in Hungary, Kecskemét Daimler 120/20.

transzformátor állomások

Other greenfield substation projects, since 2004

Greenfield substation projects, planned by Infoplan:

  • ÉMÁSZ Miskolc Észak 120/20 kV substation,
  • Győr AUDI 120/20 kV substation.

Renewable energy

We actively participate in the increasing of the part of the renewable energy. We make network connection plans and execution plans for variety of power plants. We made all of the electrical plans of the two wind power towers in the area of Mezőtúr and Törökszentmiklós. .

Megújuló energia termelés

System Integration, Programming

Part of our scope is the programming of the protection devices and digital control systems. The last few years we participated in the Metro 2 renovation and Metro 4 construction projects, and also modernizations of systems in various industrial plants (Borsodchem, AUDI etc.).

Substation reconstructions, after 2000

Some important projects:

  • E.On Tiszántúli area Tiszaörvény, Debrecen MGM, Debrecen Délkelet, Debrecen Tócóskert, Debrecen Központi,
  • E.On Észak-dunántúli area Baracska, Veszprémvarsány, Szabadbattyán, Inota,
  • E.On Dél-dunántúli area Mohács, Pécs Kertváros, Pécs Újmecsekalja,
  • ELMŰ area Pesterzsébet, Szigethalom, Vác,
  • ÉMÁSZ area Tiszaújváros, Sátoraljaújhely, Kazincbarcika, Miskolc-Központi, Nagybátony, Eger Sas utca,
  • DÉMÁSZ area Városföld, Szabadszállás, Kiskundorozsma, Cegléd.
Áramszolgáltatói referenciáink

Other customers representing the processing industry...

  • Tobacco factory in Eger,
  • Lubricant factory of MOL in Komárom,
  • Siemens Cable factory in Kistelek,
  • Alföldi Porcelain factory,
  • Sugar factory in Kaposvár.

Power stations as our customers...

  • Mátra power station,
  • Nyíregyháza power station,
  • Debrecen power station.