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Planning system

Every element of Infoplan Ltd. planning documentations including the descriptions and drawings is produced by our complex computer planning system.

Format of these documentations meet the requirements prescribed in hungarian and international standards.

Parts of documentation:
  • basic datas,
  • technical subscriptions,
  • drawings,
  • material lists.

Levels of documentations:
  • level “A”: study-report or plan for main technical data, and possible versions,
  • level “B”: execution plans, including all technical informations for the contractor,
  • level “C”: factory plans, including all technical information for the manufacturers,
  • level “D”: as built plans.

The application of this system in our document planning guarantees their accurate identification and registration, the ability to follow or control them, and, furthermore, means that our documentation is in correspondance with the relevant laws, rules or standards.

Using our own recording system results in avoiding losing any data, the ability of tracing any modifications or corrections made to the documents.

The unified system of documentation provides the required quality, the uniformed format and easy handling for either all of our customers or our colleagues too.

On the basis of our information got them during our international activies we can declare that quality of our planning dokumentations and planning system are equivalant to the products of the best engineering offices in the world.

The drawings are made by software system of OmegaCAD Elektro, the materials or I/O lists are made by own software system of dBASE, and the further documents are made by programs of MS-Office for PC.

These planning programs using our enternet computer síystems provides making a high quality dokumentation without any practical mistakes appeared using the traditional/manual planning, drawing system. These modern planning systems use automatical analysing data-collecting, testing, generating moduls therefore these can operate without pssibility of any traditional and typical manual planning mistakes.

Handing over of our planning dokumentations is possyble traditionally on papers and/or as a CD ROM. In this case our customers can store their complete documentation in their own computer system.