Infoplan Engineering
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About us

Infoplan Ltd. is an independent engineering company, fully owned by Hungarian persons. This independency enables us to to be able to apply equipments made by any manufacturers, depending upon their proved quality or our costumers' request.

Infoplan specializes in electric plans for mainly the power distribution companies, international as well as Hungarian companies. We mostly design high voltage substations, but not only high voltage and middle voltage switchgears, but also low voltage equipment, power station systems and public or industrial distribution systems.
Infoplan is affiliated with customers from all over Hungary, as it is shown below:

Eversince its foundation, Infoplan has been growing continously. We have worked together with several subcontractors, hence we can undertake as a general designer for any projects upon request.
We have got a Certificate of Quality Insurance since December 1997 based on the requirements of ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 since 2004, and ISO 28001 since 2010.

Our experts' expertise and their versatile command of technical back-ground in the offices have led to our permanent progress and financial stability. We work and can meet our customers in our comfortable offices and our experts' activity is helped by the latest office equipments including hardware and software alike. The main office is in Budapest, and we have an office in Miskolc.

We assure our business partners to make optimal plans without any unnecessary extra expenses in the full length of the process applying our effective planning system. We can guarantee high quality to our customers from initial step of signing a contract to the actual starting/opening of an establishment.
Our company is one of the most important Hungarian engineering organizations. We have professional experiences, expertise, special field-oriented knowledge and reference.