Infoplan Engineering
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Our colleagues and their authorities

In Infoplan Ltd. the qualification requirements are prescribed for each position regarding not only the education or practical experience of our employees. These professional qualities mentioned above are justified by Chamber of Hungarian Engineers, the official authority for technical experts and leader of structural engineering.

Our leadership

Lajos Kovács Technical Manager

Kovács Lajos

Mr.Kovács is an authorized technical expert and leader of structural engineering, and is responsible for quality control. From 1987 until 1992 he worked as a structural engineer in VERTESZ Company. He was commissioned to cooperate in a project for a year in Grenoble in Merlin Gerin.

Tibor Pázmándi Marketing Manager

Pázmándi Tibor Mr. Pázmándi is an authorised technical expert and leader of structural engineering. He worked as an engineer in VERTESZ from 1981, From 1988 he headed the structural department, and was a member of a team to make type-plans for high-voltage substations in MVM Trust.

András Gábor Head of Primary Engineering

Zoltan Czetka Head of Secondary Engineering

Our Certificates

Our colleagues have the certificates for technical experts and leader of structural engineers required by the Chamber of Hungarian Engineers.

Our engineers all have university degrees and are professional at using the computer technology.

Based on written above, we have the fully ability and right to design the projects, which are mentioned in the field of our activities.